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Our Purpose

Identify jewellery is a reminder. A reminder that we live in a beautiful world which is worth treasuring. A reminder to shop not only for ourselves but for the wellbeing of our planet. It is about identifying how we can reduce waste in our day to day lives.

We know you care, so we are caring too. Identify is giving you a beautiful product with a powerful message.

Our products are made from offcut timber saved from landfill, carefully crafted for you to wear and treasure.

We see a future where ‘waste’ is a word of the past.

Our Story

Identify is a small New Zealand business founded in Christchurch in 2019.

We take pride in delivering products that are designed and manufactured locally. We care about what products we are putting out into the world which is why we strive to turn waste into wonder!

We take small offcuts and Rimu from an old product life such as floorboards, tables and window frames to reuse the material and manufacture our products! We combine old materials with new technology to create beautiful modern jewellery.

Our passion is to spread the love for sustainable fashion!


Our Founder

Kia Ora, I am Caitlin! 

I am a New Zealand designer with a lot of love for the planet! 

I grew up in Christchurch in a wonderfully creative family. I spent a lot of my childhood in the outdoors, hiking, skiing and exploring New Zealand’s beautiful backyard! Today, I am a recent graduate of Industrial Product Design at the University of Canterbury and I am striving to make sustainable fashion a success through Identify!

Thank you to my family, friends, customers, teachers, lecturers, mentors and everyone who has supported me in my venture!



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